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Assumptions Can Cost You a Lot of Money

A few months ago I met a guy at an event in Las Vegas for another opportunity. For privacy reasons I’ll call him Joe. I was immediately impressed with Joe. He was warm-hearted and had a reputation for being an excellent marketer. In a very short time frame Joe had advanced through several ranks with the aforementioned company.

I was of course in Empower Network at the time but I never said anything to Joe about it because I made the stupid assumption that he already had his primary business, was happy with it, and I also knew the last 3 things he got involved with he followed the same sponsor.

Notice the italicized word in the previous paragraph. That stupid assumption cost me a LOT of money.

I found out a couple of weeks before the Austin event that Joe was not only in Empower Network but had rapidly moved up to the Top 200 in the last contest before the event.

My sponsor was also a Red Lanyard at that event and he met Joe in the VIP session. Joe asked my sponsor why I never told him about Empower Network. He couldn’t understand why I would not tell him about something as good as Empower Network. My sponsor gave him a good answer. He said it was probably because I knew he was doing well in another company and I didn’t want to distract him. That was true to some extent.

Nevertheless, look at what I lost out on. Not only did Joe make a lot of money very quickly with Empower Network but he passed up a lot of sales for every product to his sponsor, because Joe went All In and then did what he does best. He shared a good thing with everyone he could as fast as he could.

There’s a major lesson to be learned here for all of us. If you run into someone promoting another opportunity or that you know is already involved in another opportunity, never be afraid to tell them about Empower Network. No matter how much of a heavy hitter they might be, don’t be intimidated. Instead, be proud. You never know what’s going to happen with that person and their current business.

If it is a big time marketer then try massaging their ego some. Everyone likes to hear compliments. Tell them how some of the other top earners in Empower Network have made over $100,000 or $300,000 and you know their list isn’t as big as this marketer you’re talking to (or emailing). That you know with their list and reputation that they could make a killing with Empower Network and help a lot of people along the way.

Fair warning here though… If you are going to bring the subject up then be prepared. These types of people did not get to where they are by being stupid. Once they get a good hard look at Empower Network they will most likely go All In right away. So you better make sure you are All In before you even contact them. Otherwise you better expect to lose thousands of dollars in pass up commissions.

If you are one of my referrals in Empower Network then those passed up sales would come to me. That’s great for me. Not so great for you.

Just like you should never assume that a smart marketer would not be interested in Empower Network, you should also never assume that they would join without going All In.



Clay Montgomery is a veteran Internet Marketer, a Master List Builder, and a sought after Home Business Success Coach who has helped thousands of individuals achieve financial success in the affiliate marketing and network marketing arena. Google

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