Do You Believe Education Is Important?


From our early adolescent days our parents and society in general have taught us the importance of education. The more education you have, the better you can communicate and function socially. The higher the level of education you obtain, the more you are in demand and hence, your income potential is higher. On the flip-side, NOT getting the education you […]

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New Platform Turns Blogging Into A 2 Step Point And Click Process

New Blogging Platform Prelaunch

New Blogging Platform Prelaunch There’s a new blogging platform about to go into prelaunch that will make blogging so easy and grandma proof that once the word gets out everyone “and their grandma” will want to get their hands on it. Did you know there are currently over 68.5 Million WordPress blogs out there right […]

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Justin Lost $4600 In 1 Day in Empower Network


True Story: The names have been changed to protect the ignorant Less than 2 months ago I helped this guy, Justin Case, out by getting him into Empower Network. Justin joined at the Basic level for $25. He did not buy any of the other Empower Network products because he said, and I quote, “I […]

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What True Financial Freedom Feels Like


At any point in your adult life, have you ever truly experienced what Financial Freedom feels like? I mean a lot of people have heard that term most of their life but honestly don’t know what it really means because they’ve never experienced it even on a small scale. Financial Freedom is similar to, but […]

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Tony Rush Thought Empower Network Was a Scam


Tony Rush once thought Empower Network was a scammy, fly-by-night, Clickbank product. Now he is a six figure income earner. This video shows Tony Rush talking a little bit about his start and first impressions of Empower Network. Now he is someone I can model after. There are a lot of REAL people making real […]

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Do Intentions Work? [Bizarre Proof]


If you have any reservations about what you can accomplish with a home based business (the right one) then you must watch this video. This is powerful proof that if you simply set the intention and work toward it with no distractions, the end result is priceless. Niamh Arthur is one of those typical home […]

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A Walk-Through of the Empower Network Pass Up System


It is important that you understand exactly how the Pass Up system works in Empower Network. Probably more important to understand is how Roll Up’s work and how that affects you and your income. Pass up’s are a good thing. Roll up’s are bad for you… great for your sponsor or other people above you. […]

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