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From our early adolescent days our parents and society in general have taught us the importance of education.

The more education you have, the better you can communicate and function socially.

NelsonMandelaThe higher the level of education you obtain, the more you are in demand and hence, your income potential is higher.

On the flip-side, NOT getting the education you need can be very costly.

Did you know that 80% of brick and mortar businesses in the United States fail in 2 years or less?

Even worse, 95% of all online businesses fail in 1 year or less.

The single most common reason for all these businesses failing is because the business owners don’t spend the time getting educated before they invest in their business.

Why should Internet Marketing be any different?

Well, it’s not.

Many people look at Empower Network and see another business opportunity.

Unfortunately those are the people who usually fail with Empower Network just like they have failed with every other online business they have tried.

Smart people, however, look at the products and see Empower Network as a means by which they can finally get that high level of education they need to make their online business profitable.

Tony Rush is probably the best real example I can use here…

Tony was struggling tremendously with his online business and so broke he raided his kids piggy bank to get money to buy a loaf of bread and some sandwich meat so he could feed his family for maybe another week.

Tony was taught to prospect on the phone so that’s what he did. But he hated it.

When he heard about Empower Network it was something specific he heard that grabbed his interest…

“Put down the phone and pick up the paycheck. We will teach you how to build your business without using the telephone.”

So Tony thought, “Man, if that’s true I have to get that training.”  The key word being “Training.”

You see, Tony Rush understood the importance of getting educated. He knew he obviously wasn’t doing everything right because his income didn’t reflect that.

Tony didn’t buy all the products right away. Remember, he was broke. He started off with the first two products and dove right in.

Within 3 months, Tony’s income had sky-rocketed to over $20,000 a month. Today, some 17 months later, Tony averages about $130,000 a month online.

He also owns all the products now. Each of the Empower Network products is more advanced and therefore gives you a higher level of education.

Remember what we said about that earlier?

The higher the level of education you obtain, the more you are in demand and hence, your income potential is higher.

I think that is evident with Tony Rush and the way his income has grown. And starting with the basics he was able to go from “broke as a joke” to self-made millionaire in 20 short months.

Now I’m not saying you will become a millionaire like Tony Rush did. Or that you will make over $100,000 a month. You could make less or you could make more. It could take you longer or it could take you less time.

The point is, if you don’t get the education you don’t even have a chance and may as well keep your day job.

Your current educational background and level determine your current income level. If you want that to change you have to get educated… Again.

Some have referred to the Empower Network products as the equivalent of a Masters degree in Internet Marketing. Or even a Doctorate. Because people who own and use all of the products are earning the same or more than lawyers and doctors earn.

The good news is it doesn’t take $60,000+ or 6+ years to get that education. It’s a small fraction of that.

I spent $40,000 on a college degree and wasted a good 4+ years of my life and couldn’t find a job afterward. I bought all the products Empower Network offers for $5000 and now I make more than a high dollar attorney.  ~Aki Wood

And you can start off low and build up your education and your income. The higher your educational level the more you earn.

So I’ll ask you again, a little bit different this time…

Do you understand the importance of education?

Do you believe your income level reflects the level of education you have?

Don’t look at Empower Network at just another business opportunity. That spells failure.

Look at Empower Network as your opportunity to get the education you need to live the lifestyle you want to live.

There’s something else very important that you should consider.

In the Network Marketing industry, what do you think is the biggest fear that all online marketers share?

Attrition.  Attrition is when your downline quits. We spend months or even years building our organization only to watch it collapse from the bottom up. We are forced to watch as our income drops month after month. We find ourselves doing a lot more rebuilding than building.

Why do so many people quit so soon? You might have guessed the answer. Because they don’t know what to do once they get in. They lack the education needed to be successful.

What if you could ensure that every person in your organization received the highest level of education they could possibly get? What do you think that would do for your Attrition Rate?

If more people are successful that means they are, at the very least, in profit and nobody quits when they are in profit.

Your job, as an up’n’coming leader, is to lead by example. That means you need to experience the educational benefits first. Then get your team involved.

You can start getting that education for as little as $25 and have access to some incredible training a few minutes from now. You can’t even sign up for one class at a Community College that cheap.

Use your new-found education to build your primary business. You will see your success rate improve substantially sooner than you might think.

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