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Here's a network marketing recruiting strategy I bet you've never thought of before.

​It's Sales 101 time... What do you do to get someone to pull out their credit card, ready to buy? You find out what their problem is and offer a solution to that problem.

​It's rare than an MLM company will offer any kind of marketing system. Distributors or affiliates are expected to build their own sales funnels, write their own email follow up campaigns, or use any marketing platform they have to or want to use in order to build your organization.

​95 out of 100 distributors don't have a clue how to do all that stuff and even if they had the right tools, they probably don't have the skills or knowledge yet to build an effective marketing system.

​Did a light bulb just go on in your head? That's right... there's a heavy in demand problem that 1000's of people desperately need a solution for.

​You can give those people exactly what they need, save them a ton of work, and eliminate their learning curve. You can have them tripping over each other, practically begging you to please let them join your network marketing company under you.

​Power Lead System is a system that allows you to easily build complete sales funnels, including an autoresponder with a nice email follow up campaign. You don't have to create anything from scratch either. There are dozens of professional templates you can use. All you do is replace the text, video or other content.

​Build a lead capture page and a nice sales page or video presentation page. Have a button under the video that people click on to join your network marketing company. Write up a nice email follow up campaign. Then link it all together. Full training is available in the members area.

​Once you have it all linked together, you make it Shareable. That gives you a private Share Code. Nobody else in Power Lead System knows what that share code is. The only way they can get it is if you give it to them.

​For someone to use your share code, all they have to do is login, make sure they have their company link added to the Companies I Promote section, enter the share code and the entire funnel is imported for them. All buttons and links will be coded to them. Contact information, if you include it anywhere, will be their information based on what they have entered in their PLS profile.


​Now you have something worth its weight in gold, so to speak. You can even build a separate funnel that shows people what they will get when they join your Network Marketing company under you. With screen shots or a short video.

​Now I know you might be thinking, "I don't know how to build a sales funnel." Don't worry about what you don't know. Look at the big picture. I told you all the training is available and there are lots of pre-built templates you can customize to suit your needs. Take the time to learn how to use Power Lead System and put a strong effort into building a nice marketing funnel. Once it's done, it's done.

​This is something that very few network marketers are doing and the demand is ultra high. Watch and see. Once you have a few people using your custom funnel, the word will get out and you will have other distributors in the company (envious) coming to you begging to get access to your funnel.

​And guess what? You will make a lot of money either way. Whether it's someone joining your company under you or someone already in the company wanting your funnel. Why? Because they have to join Power Lead System under you in order to get access to your share code. And Power Lead System pays handsomely for referrals.

​In fact, there's something else that makes this an even sweeter deal for you. Even people who quit your network marketing company will keep their Power Lead System account because it offers all the right tools under one roof. Tools that they can use no matter what they are trying to promote online.

​You could even make funnels for companies you're not a distributor for at all. If you were to keep your eyes and ears open about new MLM companies launching, you could learn everything you can about them and build a nice custom funnel for that company. Then offer that funnel for FREE to all their distributors. The catch is... they have to join Power Lead System with your link to get access to the share code for that funnel.

​This strategy will make your network marketing recruiting efforts seem effortless. The simple fact that you are reading this right now gives you a major leg up on everyone else because hardly anyone out there is doing this.

​People will demand your link to join under you because they will consider you a skilled leader in the network marketing industry. I mean, seriously... you must be very skilled if you can create such a powerful sales funnel, right? Don't worry. You never have to tell them how easy it was using Power Lead System.



Clay Montgomery is a veteran Internet Marketer, a Master List Builder, and a sought after Home Business Success Coach who has helped thousands of individuals achieve financial success in the affiliate marketing and network marketing arena. Google

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