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video marketingNew marketing techniques are constantly emerging with the evolution and diversification of the internet. One of the latest marketing techniques that businesses are using to reach out to their clients is video marketing. In recent years, videos have become effective tools that businesses can use to promote their products and services.

So What Is Video Marketing?

This refers to creation of videos for purposes of promoting your products. Once you have created your promotional video, you need to distribute it effectively in order for your target audience to see it, and this is the essence of video marketing. The most effective way of promoting your marketing video is to host it on your website or social sites like Dailymotion or YouTube. By hosting the video on your website, you will be targeting people who are already visiting your site, thus creating an effective level of engagement through direct marketing. However, when you host your video on a social networking site like YouTube, then you will be targeting a whole host of fresh audience.

Top Benefits of Video Marketing

1. Attract a larger audience
These days, millions of people spend their time watching all sorts of videos online. In addition, most people prefer watching videos to reading web text. Thus, video marketing can extend the reach of your content because you can use it to appeal to more visual learners.

2. SEO friendly
In case you do not know, Google and other search engines love videos. Therefore, as an internet marketer, you should consider creating quality videos for purposes of marketing your products.

3. Accessible from any location
Thanks to advancements in technology, online videos are no longer confined to computers. These days, videos can be streamed in cell phones and tablets. As such, your target audience can easily access your videos from any location through their cell phones and other mobile devices.

4. Set yourself apart as an expert in your industry
As a marketer, it is crucial that you establish your authority in your industry in order to gain consumer trust and reliability. By consistently creating and uploading informative videos, you will be able to realize this goal as thousands will be streaming and watching your marketing videos.

Latest Video Marketing Trends

Once you have decided to market your products using videos, then you need to learn about the latest video marketing trends used by other marketers. Here are some of these marketing

1. Screen capture video
This is one of the most recent video marketing trends. It works by capturing and recording everything visible on your computer screen before adding voiceovers to the videos. In order to realize the best result using this trend, consider using PowerPoint in order to boost your chances of creating effective video presentations.

2. Viral video marketing
This trend utilizes videos that contain unique content that encourages viewers to share the video with other users. Viral videos are popular for their incredible marketing potential hence you can expect to build a quick growth in audience using this video marketing trend.

3. Video streaming sites
These sites are among the latest trends in video marketing. Alongside YouTube, you can also share your videos in social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, which have millions of users. Since millions of people visit Facebook and Twitter on a daily basis, you can expect to broaden your market base by sharing your videos on these sites.

Online Video Marketing Tips

If you are new to video marketing then here are simple tips that can help get started with an effective video marketing campaign in order to reach your core audience.

1. Make your title count
Just like a blog post heading, video headings can attract powerful traffic. There are two reasons why you should create a good title. First, a great title will instantly capture your viewer’s attention. Next, including your keywords in your title will certainly ensure that your video shows up in the search engine result pages.

2. Provide quality content
Take your time to think about your ideal audience as well as what they are looking for. To this effect, consider creating a “How -to” video. This will not only offer great value to your audience but also showcase your skill and knowledge, hence establishing yourself as an expert in your field. This is essential as you work on growing your brand. Finally, regardless of the quality of your content, it will not matter if your video is too long as to lose the attention of your audience. Therefore, try to keep your videos short and precise.

3. Include your URL in the video
When editing your videos, be sure to take advantage of the available editing features. One such feature is adding a text box to your video. In this text box, be sure to add your website’s URL in order to direct your viewers to your site.

Video marketing has become one of the most effective tools for promoting products and services online. Apart from their effectiveness, videos are also easy to create and use. You can create your videos on your own or seek the services of a professional video production company. Once you have created your videos, you can post them on your site, on YouTube or send them to your customers with the help of an email software application.



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