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promoting your businessAs a network marketer your ultimate goal is always to get sales. You are essentially a selling machine. Like any high performance machine, every moving part serves a specific purpose but no single part can produce the end result the machine was intended for.

Each of the following golden rules is like a moving part in your selling machine. Adhere to every rule whenever you are promoting your business if you want your end result to mean more sales.

Rule #1:  Always Use a Lead Capture Page

Also known as a Squeeze page, this is the front end of any good sales funnel. I cannot stress this enough. Nobody should ever be promoting your business by mistakenly sending traffic directly to a sales page or your company’s home page or to a sign up page. Especially if that traffic costs you money.

If you are not capturing the contact information of anyone interested in your business then you have no way of knowing who to follow up with. The fortune is in the follow up but you can’t follow up with anyone if you don’t have a way to contact them.

You also won’t be building your list and in this industry your list is your most valuable asset. Only 2-5% of your leads will join your business. If they are on your list you can still make money by sending them another offer. Sometimes (most of the time) you can get multiple sales from each subscriber on your list.

Rule #2:  Make Sure Your Audience is Targeted

Consider your advertising sources very carefully when promoting your business. Your conversion rates for leads and sales are going to be determined by how closely matched your audience is to your offer. If your advertising source does not give you a way to target your audience then don’t use them.

An example of a poor choice for advertising is a free traffic exchange. Most people are only viewing web pages to get credits so their web page is displayed. Their web page may not even be in the same niche as yours. It could be selling candles.

Think about what the perfect prospect would look like for your business and try to target specific criteria that makes them that perfect prospect.

Rule #3:  Follow Up With Every Lead Frequently

Promoting your business doesn’t just mean getting as much targeted traffic to your lead capture page as you can. The process of someone opting in at your lead capture page turns a cold market lead into a warm market prospect but you still have some work to do to get that sale.

The best way to follow up is to plan ahead by having a strong email follow up campaign in the autoresponder that’s connected to your lead capture page before you even start sending any traffic to your lead capture page. This is automated follow up so the only real work involved is when you initially setup your email campaign. The more follow up messages the better. Experts say it takes an average of 6 or 7 times seeing an offer before someone will take action. Make sure you have at least 6 or 7 good follow up messages in your campaign.

Manual follow up works great, too, and I highly recommend it through the use of Broadcast messages with your autoresponder service. I like to send out a broadcast email about 3 times a week, or every other day. This is of course in addition to the automated follow up emails they get.

My personal strategy is to use the automated follow up campaign to talk about the benefits of the compensation plan or the products and use broadcast emails to show social proof in the form of results and testimonials. You can always use someone else’s proof until you have some compelling results of your own to share. Social proof definitely sells. Ultimately people just want to believe that it can work for them, too, so every time they see someone else they can relate to at some level, who has some proven results to share, they are one step closer to being a sale for you.

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 Posted on : December 12, 2015


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