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MLSPThe Only System I Use is My Lead System Pro (MLSP)

If you have always struggled to get signup’s or sales then please trust me on this. You need a system like MLSP. Personally, I wish I had started using them a long time ago. It would have meant a lot less work and a lot less money spent on advertising.

The only good lead is one you generate yourself using methods that only create leads targeted to your industry or niche. In order to make money in Affiliate or Network marketing you must be able to get sales (or referrals if MLM). In order to get sales you need fresh prospects to work with all the time. I mean daily. But of course you shouldn’t have to spend $100’s or $1000’s to make that happen.


That’s where MLSP comes in.

MLSP is a lot of things but the foundation of the system is Attraction Marketing with multiple funded proposals. What makes MLSP unique, and better than all the rest, is the ultra-high quality training and the huge volume of training to choose from.

Another thing that makes MLSP different is the community concept. Everyone is there to help everyone. All the hosts for every training video or webinar are people who are active in affiliate or network marketing. They are all experts in one or more areas and all of them are 6 or 7 figure earners. Nobody holds back secrets in MLSP. They share everything, down to the finest details.

Like any attraction marketing system, the primary goal is to generate targeted leads that are only yours. Some other benefits with this are:

  • it will build your list for you
  • people who decline your primary business may still join MLSP because they need a system like that too
  • everyone is exposed to your primary business as well as MLSP and several affiliate products or services, any of which make you money


There are over 100 videos or webinars or training products of some kind that cover at least 150 different methods you can use to generate fresh, targeted leads daily. Quite a few of the methods don’t cost anything. Many are very cheap if they do cost something. They ALL work. Not everyone will find all the methods appealing though but that’s not a problem. There are enough to choose from that anyone, newbie or advanced level, could spend months or even years learning new ways to generate leads.

There are also about 25 different professional capture systems that give you a way to give away something valuable for free that is related to your industry. Hence, you’re building your list with industry targeted prospects and fast because people want those freebies. It’s mostly training we’re giving away which means people who are interested (and opt in) are the type who want to learn and are willing to be active.

MLSP costs $9.97 for the first 14 days. That’s plenty of time to go through the set up steps and the marketing boot camp and generate quite a few leads. Then the price goes up to $49.97 a month. Still a very good price when you consider 2 things.

1)  I have not spent a dime on any advertising since I started using MLSP. I don’t need to because I’ve learned a few methods that don’t cost anything but produce consistent results.
2)  It only takes 2 sales of the base product in my primary business (Empower Network) to cover that cost and that’s easy. I’m getting 2 to 4 sales a week in EN after using MLSP for about 6 weeks.


I have a couple of suggestions for you and I want you to please not ignore this part…

Do not join MLSP unless you plan on using the system. Any good marketing system is only good if you use it. There is no magical potion or formula that will start generating traffic with a push of a button. MLSP has everything laid out for you so it’s easy enough for anyone at any level to get results with it as soon as your first day.

Don’t try to learn too many things at one time. That will only overwhelm you and it will backfire on you. Start with the setup steps in the Start Here section, then go to the marketing boot camp. That boot camp will teach you 3 or 4 things you can start doing right away to generate 5+ leads a day. Anything productive takes practice. Make sure you’re comfortable with one method and have it automated as much as it can be before you move onto learning a new method.

Browse through all the training (it’s like a huge library!) and pick out something that sounds interesting to you. Try to go through the training for one new method once a week. At the very least, every 2 weeks, if it takes longer to learn or master or automate a particular method. Just one method can generate anywhere from 3 to 50 leads a day.

Your goal is to set up, use, and automate enough methods that will give you 50+ leads a day. Some people who have been in MLSP for a while are generating over 100 leads a day and almost everything is now automated for them. I guarantee if you’re getting 50-100+ leads a day coming in you are getting at least 2 to 4 sales every day. At least.

Follow up with everyone who opts in as soon after they opt in as you can. This can be via email or by calling them. That’s up to you. I know most people don’t like picking up the phone and it’s not a requirement of course. I rarely do myself but sometimes I just go for it and call 20 people in a day. Bottom line is, you will quadruple your sales if you use the phone. At least send a personal email. The system will put everyone on an email follow up series that’s pretty good but nothing beats the personal approach.

What do you put in that email? Just welcome them. Thank them for checking out the free whatever it was (be specific though), and tell them why you are using MLSP. You can talk about how well it’s doing for your primary business or wait until the 2nd personal email to tell them about that. Just be yourself. Try to sound enthusiastic. People love to hear your story.

Click Here to check out MLSP

If you decide not to do this, I have to wonder what it is you’re going to do instead. Do you already know at least 4 or 5 methods you can use to get new prospects to work with on a regular basis? Prospects that are highly targeted? If you do, great. Use those methods. But if you don’t then I promise you this system will change everything for you. Even if next year you have moved on to some other MLM company, you will still need a system like MLSP.


 Posted on : March 19, 2012


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