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WordPress SEO Just Got A Lot Easier

wordpress seo

Onsite Search engine optimization is something bloggers frequently overlook, or just perceive as hard or monotonous. The fact is, Onsite SEO is not that tough to do. There are specific vital elements that determine the level of optimization of your site and posts, and once you adhere to the steps and assure each factor is being taken care of, you give your content improved chances of being ranked higher in the search engines. On-site SEO is responsible for approximately 20% of the weight of all collective factors search engines take under account when ranking your site, and should not be overlooked.

George Katsoudas just released what may be the easiest WordPress SEO plugin I’ve ever seen…

1 Click WordPress SEO!

I’m really excited to be sharing this top of the line resource with you.

“This Traffic-getting, SEO WordPress plugin optimizes your entire blog for Google with just 1 click – 100% guaranteed…”  (and I mean ALL your posts AND pages for YOUR chosen keywords)

Enter your keywords, then press ONE button to update your entire blog with SEO optimized post edits – OR you can do them one post at a time, it’s up to you!

See it live here: 1 Click WordPress SEO!

The price IS going up based on sales, so move fast for the best deal.

1 Click WordPress SEO is a very effective, time-saving plugin that will speed up your on site Search engine optimization efforts. I can see immense value in using it on auto blogs and old forgotten posts that could do with a little SEO tune-up. If you’re in need of more control of your contents look and feel I recommend taking a look at SEOPressor.


 Posted on : March 4, 2012


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