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New Blogging Platform PrelaunchNew Blogging Platform Prelaunch

There’s a new blogging platform about to go into prelaunch that will make blogging so easy and grandma proof that once the word gets out everyone “and their grandma” will want to get their hands on it.

Did you know there are currently over 68.5 Million WordPress blogs out there right now? Imagine how many more there would be if nobody had to have the technical capabilities necessary to register a domain name, get a hosting service, install and configure WordPress, install a theme, install and configure plugins, and all before you can even create your first blog post?

Probably 4 times as many blogs… at least. Any of those people would gladly pay a nominal fee to rid themselves of all the hassles that have prevented them from creating their personal or business blog.

In a few weeks that will be possible with Empower Networks’ new blogging platform. The features list is mind-blowing.

As soon as you pay the crazy low $25 fee, your blogging system is created for you instantly. Complete with customizable theme and SEO optimization.

Point and Click Easy

Posting a new article is a sweet point-and-click experience. Whether you want to include a video, image, audio, or other type of media, the process is as simple as pointing and clicking and Viola! You have a professional looking blog post in a matter of seconds.

No more embed code to mess with. No more figuring out the right dimensions to use to make your video or image fit just right. Unless you really want to, that is. Advanced features are still there for the more technical savvy bloggers.

Post your blog as public or select who you want to be able to see it. So if you have something special you want to offer your team, like training for example, you can easily make sure only your team has access to that post.

Badass Rating System = Massive Viral Exposure

A new Badass rating system is integrated into the system. When you see something worth sharing, honestly, would you rather click on a dorky Like button or a cool Badass button? Posts with higher Badass ratings appear closer to the top of your Activity Feed which gains you more exposure.


And get this… How cool would it be to see an awesome blog post, done by someone else, that you like so much you would like to have it on your blog so you simply click on Re-Blog and it’s done? Isn’t that exciting?

Saves Time and Money

How would you like to save a couple hundred bucks a month? Got multiple blogs? Or do you have a need or desire to have multiple niche blogs? Well now you can, all under one Empower Network account. And all for the same $25 cost. No additional hosting fees required. This one feature alone allows me to cancel one of my leased servers that I’m currently paying over $240 a month for.

Want to use your own domain names? Done! This new platform will allow unlimited domain mapping so you can now customize your blog URLs and make them more appealing to the search engines.

Social Commenting Feature

I know… sounds weird. Social Commenting? It’s new. It’s different. And it’s extremely powerful in this new social network driven world.

When someone comments on one of your blog posts you can click on their name and bring up their profile to see who they are, what they do, and see their activity. It’s like having a social network integrated into a blogging platform.

Empower Network has over 100,000 active customers so we’ll be launching this new commenting system with a huge network from Day 1.

Mobile App – YES!

Never before has anyone built a mobile app around a blogging platform. One that integrates seamlessly and gives you push button fast and easy blog posting capabilities from anywhere in the world, any time of the day or night.

Supporting Apple and Android mobile devices, you can now record an audio or video or type up a blog post, press Publish, and BOOM… Your post is there and ready to view and interact with in no time at all.

Does your tablet or smartphone have a video camera? Excellent! Record your lifestyle… Record an interview on the fly. Then press Publish and tell the world. All before you even get back home.

But wait! It gets better. Empower Network affiliates also have access to all their training products (audios and videos) via the new mobile app. No more downloading audio and video files first, then transferring them to your mobile device. You have real-time access as long as you have your mobile device with you and turned on.

All Your Media In One Place – And Safe

Whether you have one blog or many, the optional (but highly recommended) Media Hosting service will make your life a lot easier. Host all your videos, images and audios in one place. All your media is then accessible by all of your blogs. You can even post the same video to multiple blogs with the click of a mouse button.

Ever have one of your YouTube videos removed because some haters got together and flagged it inappropriately? Or even worse, had your YouTube account terminated because of the haters? That can’t happen with our Media Hosting service. All your media is safe.

This new platform will appeal to the masses. It’s powerful and inexpensive. It saves time and money and requires no technical expertise. What else could anyone possibly want?

Positioning Is Everything

This has been said so many times it has become a cliche, but I’m going to use it anyway because it happens to be true this time…

If you could travel back in time to when Apple or Microsoft first got started, would you partner with them?

Because this IS HUGE. People who get in now and start spreading the word will become some of the wealthiest people of the century. This new blogging platform is technologically advanced, super fast, and a one of a kind release that fills a current demand for social awareness for 10’s of millions of people around the world.

And for a measly $25 you certainly can’t go wrong. We could have charged 10 times as much and could still sell this like hotcakes. Every marketer, every small or medium business owner and every entrepreneur will want to get their hands on this new platform.

Don’t sit around thinking about this for too long. You know as well as I do that this is an opportunity you can’t afford to miss out on. You snooze, you lose. Click on the button below and lock in your position now so you can capitalize on the fact that you will be the one telling everyone else about it instead of them telling you. Your bank account balance reflect the decision you make today.

Lock In My Spot

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