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Solo AdsSolo Ads are one of the best ways to advertise online. Your audience is always highly targeted and solo ads are typically inexpensive for what you get.

Below I have listed quite a few solo ad sources. They are not in any specific order. We would also encourage you to find some sources on your own. We don’t want to saturate any lists with the same ads too often. Some good search terms to use are Contact Solo AdsSafelist Solo AdsEzine Solo Ads, or just Solo Ads. Check back here every now and then as this list will be updated.


Solo Ad Buying and Searching Tips:

  • Avoid anything with “Blaster” in the name. Most of these are just a list of leads that are never cleaned and are therefore old.
  • Look for a reference to Safelists or Ezine. If you don’t see anything like that it might be bogus.
  • Some sources offer discounts for multiple solo ads. Never buy more than 3 at a time or it is overkill and only if you can submit 3 different ads and subject lines or at the very least if they let you submit different subject lines for each send.
  • Always use a tracking link so you can verify the source is delivering traffic. If you get very few clicks then demand a refund. Some list owners will want to make sure you are satisfied and may offer you a resend instead.
  • Some sources will specify on their advertising sales page that they limit the number of solo ads sent to their list. This is a good indication that the list is much more responsive.
  • Most people are going to find the cheapest sources and only use them. If you are willing to spend a little more you give yourself a huge advantage over everyone else. You could be the only one sending that list emails about your primary business opportunity.

Traffic9 Contact Solo Email to 18,000+

Trax Ads Mega Solo Ads to 55,000+

Ad Solution Line Safelist Contact Solo Ad to 28,550

SupraList Contact Solo Ads

PlanetX Safelist Solo Ads to 226,398 Members

AdTroopers Safelist Contact Solo Ad to 9,587

Solo Ad Profits Mega Solo to 60,000+

Safelister Contact Solo Ads to 30,000+

Solutions Network Contact Solo to 10,000+

Global Safelist Contact Solo to 14,237

FreeSafelist King Solo Ad to 2553

Super Solos to 326,000

FreeSafelist Mailer Contact Solo Ad to 46,591

Smart Safelist Contact Solo to 4745

TopSurfer Solo Ad to 27,000+
Note: You must be a member before you can buy solo ads here Ezine Solos

Active Safelist Contact Solo to 11,948

Solo Ad Advertising Mega Solo to 53,010

Pearls Of Wealth Contact Solos

Vital Ad Views Super Solos to 7805


24hourwealth Streams of Cash Flow Ezine – 82,000

Dot Com Mommies Ezine – 71,000

BizOpZine – 90,000

RUMBLES from the Jungle BizOpp Ezine – 62,000

Online Business Opportunities Newsletter – 47,000

The Online Exchange – 20,000
Note: They refer to their solo ads as Spotlight Ads

e4u Newsletter – 12,000



Clay Montgomery is a veteran Internet Marketer, a Master List Builder, and a sought after Home Business Success Coach who has helped thousands of individuals achieve financial success in the affiliate marketing and network marketing arena. Google

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  1. Hey Clay…thanks for the blog. I have been scouting around here and have picked up some great information. I have also been using solo ads with great success. However, I have found that in the internet marketing niche, one must ask the provider some relevant question prior to paying for the ad.

    These questions include:
    When was the last time you sent out an ad for ……company?
    What are the demographics of your subscribers?
    How big is your list?
    Will you be sending to your buyers list as well?
    Will there be any other ads going out at the same time as mine?
    How many times a day do you send to your list?

    These questions have enabled me to decide if that is the provider that I want to send my offer to. If I don’t like the answer, I just find someone else.

    Thanks again for such an informative blog.


    1. Karen, I’m happy that you are finding useful information on my blog. And you are absolutely correct. Asking the list owner specific questions like you have listed here can save you some headaches and some money. In my opinion the last question is the most important. If the list owner slams their list too often it will become unresponsive. Smart list owners limit the number of daily or weekly solo ads for that reason.

  2. Hey Clay the like button is not clickable. I can’t see the rest of your post. I tried refreshing my browser and the like button is still greyed out.

    1. Is it possible you have already Liked my FB page? Did you try refreshing the page?

  3. Directory of ezines ( has a lot of good ones under one roof. A lifetime membership ($200) is a good deal for a serious marketer

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