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squeeze pagesIt’s usually a joy to review MemberSpeed products, because they always take the extra effort to make whatever it is, fun.

This time the software’s interface was replete with what can only be called “Ninjaisms” an obvious tie-in to the products name. They’re funny and quirky but unobtrusive so they add to the over-all experience without slowing down the work-flow.

Granted this is a small thing but for any entrepreneur struggling with motivation, this makes a huge difference, especially when faced with a long day filled with what might otherwise not be your favorite tasks.

The other reason I look forward to reviewing MemberSpeed products is because they work.

This isn’t something you can take for granted when downloading software, even though it’s something we should expect. SqueezeNinja, the product I will be reviewing, promises to make and upload professional quality squeeze pages and thank you pages, plus a little more.

I’ll try to cover everything as we go, however, let me begin by describing the process of securing your copy of SqueezeNinja and uploading it to a URL so you can use it.

Seconds after you pay for the program you’ll receive your download link and a link to the introduction and instructions videos. The introduction video says that you’ll need the .ftp file transfer software FileZilla, to place this software on your website, as it is a self hosted web-based application.

You might be able to upload the software using your hosts control panel but by using FileZilla they were able to right universal directions that would work at almost every hosting service.

If fact, watching the section that explains how to upload these files using FileZilla might just make your entire online experience better by helping you to understand why perhaps something else you bought might not have worked.

FileZilla makes it easy to upload, create, and organize files on your server so learning this skill from the SqueezeNinja tutorials could easily be considered a bonus, although it’s not listed on the sales page.

You’ll find lots of hidden “bonuses” like this throughout SqueezeNinja!

Incidentally, FileZilla is a Free open-source software that everyone online eventually needs to learn, so don’t be confused about SqueezeNinja being a complete product. It is, and more!

That said, uploading SqueezeNinja to your website is a cinch, it’s a relatively small file and takes anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes to upload depending on your bandwidth.

Once it’s uploaded you simply copy and paste the product license numbers you have received into the form and you are ready to start!

You also receive access to step-by-step tutorials for every step of the SqueezeNinja page creation process.

All of the tutorial videos are clean, the sound is good, the picture quality is excellent, (I could read every word on the screen, even without my reading glasses!) and the moderator’s voice is pleasant and his instructions thorough.

Surprisingly, with as much power as this software provides the instructions videos only took about a half hour to complete.

However, after watching them, and then looking at SqueezeNinja’s intuitive control panel I’m not sure the instructional videos were even necessary.

The simple control panel in SqueezeNinja is the only thing you need to concern yourself with whenever you want to create a squeeze page.

It’s set up so all you need to do is fill in blanks, and click buttons.

Every decision you need to make has a “Question Mark Icon” next to it, and if you hover over them, you’ll get a complete explanation of what exactly you should be doing.

I thought this “Question Mark Icon” tool to be an especially good feature, because if you don’t use this program very often, it will be nice to have these pop-up explanations there at your fingertips, to help jog your memory and move you along your way! You can build your entire squeeze page and everything following the SqueezeNinja eight step form.

Let me go over this so you can understand how it works.

Any time you want to create a squeeze page, you’d start by logging into your control panel but if you’re already logged in, you can create several pages at that time.

Once at your online control panel, to begin creating a squeeze page you need to simply “click” the “Create New Site” button at the top of the page.

squeeze pages

As I said, “I feel confident I could have figured this out without watching the videos!” Once you “click” the “Create New Site” button, you’ll be instantly redirected to the eight step form. The real genius in this control panel is that it’s so straight forward! Any options that don’t apply are hidden, unless you need them, so the entire thing is uncluttered and easy to follow.

For instance, in step #1 you can choose whether or not to have tracking codes inserted.

In the control panel, you’ll see a question that says “Use Tracking” and two radio buttons.

You’ll also see a helpful “Question Mark Icon”, also. If you leave the box checked “No” which it is by default, you’ll have no fields with which to concern yourself. However, if you check “Yes” the control panel will expand, giving you the options related to tracking codes and the forms needed to make them work! The control panel is ingenious in this way because it only gives you the information you need when you need it!

This is why, try as I might, to fool the software, every-time I created a squeeze page it looked and functioned beautifully!

Every option you could hope for is at your fingertips!

You can decorate your site using gradients, different backgrounds, using images from the pre-loaded library of images that the software includes, or by uploading your own images using the “Browse” and “Upload” buttons in the control panel!

That’s right, once you have SqueezeNinja uploaded you won’t ever need to use your .ftp or hosting control panel to upload images!

Everything is created using the SqueezeNinja control panel!

It even includes a WYSIWYG editor so editing your squeeze page content is super simple, with the ability to change font color, size and style as easy as typing into Microsoft’s word program.

If you want red titles in the “Impact font”, simply choose it from the drop down. You can choose to have the body text be in Tahoma or Arial the same way.

Want to bold a single word or italicize it? Then simply highlight the word with your cursor and click the style you find appealing!

This software doesn’t confine you to the old-fashioned out-of-date squeeze pages produced by other software. You truly get full control of how your website looks and feels.

It’s even easy to place video into your squeeze pages to really modernize them and push-up conversions!

Integrating your auto-responder account’s opt-in (regardless of which auto-responder you use) is a copy and paste snap, once you retrieve the code from your auto-responders website.

You can also add social sharing icons to your squeeze page so it promotes itself!

After you have designed the look and feel of your squeeze page, it is on to creating your thank-you page and choosing if you want to take advantage of any of the other options this software provides.

All of this still within the eight step form at your SqueezeNinja’s control panel!

You can upload your thank-you gift, right through the upload link the same way you would a custom header image, and people will only be able to download your gift after giving you their email address! This process is automatic.

You’re even reminded to add customer service links, but you don’t need to include them if you don’t want.

Finally, you’re given the last option which is whether or not you want to monetize your opt-in squeeze page.

This software gives you several ways to make money just by building websites designed to give stuff away.

The first is by choosing whether or not to leave a “Powered by SqueezeNinja” link in your footer. This option allows you to earn commissions each time someone clicks on the link and buys the software you are using.

If you feel that option is gauche, or you just want to take full credit for creating these incredible pages yourself, simply check “No” in the “Powered by” when completing the “bottom of squeeze page” section of the form.

The other way you can monetize your squeeze page is by adding affiliate offers, or your own offers to the mix!

This can be accomplished by either adding your JVZoo code or of course, you can fully customize your download page by adding any affiliate product link and image you’d like.

(You can even add your own products image and link, too!)

I’m not even sure I covered half of the customization options SqueezeNinja provides! But the entire process is so simple, and best of all, it works!

As soon as you click “Done”, you’ll be spoon fed the links to your pages and if you’re a coder, you can go in and further customize them with your own special codes. (It’s on your site so you have total control!)

However, simply by filling out the forms, you now have a fully functional squeeze page system with all the links and back pages included!

You can visit your squeeze page’s link, test it out, (it will work) and then start driving traffic to it!

I love this new SqueezeNinja software; expect to see many more squeeze pages from me in the future!

squeeze pages



Clay Montgomery is a veteran Internet Marketer, a Master List Builder, and a sought after Home Business Success Coach who has helped thousands of individuals achieve financial success in the affiliate marketing and network marketing arena. Google

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