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Twitter Marketing: 5 Things You Need to Know

twitter marketingTwitter is still one of the hottest buzzwords in social media marketing. Why? Because it’s one of the most personal ways to target potential customers and spread your message. While some companies stagnate with only a few hundred followers, others gain a huge following because of how they run their Twitter marketing campaigns, and ultimately find that Twitter has helped them achieve substantial success in the industry.

But Twitter marketing isn’t easy – certainly not as easy as many social media experts will have you believe. Not every company that uses Twitter is going to achieve instant success. So here are five ways that you can improve your success with Twitter and potentially help your business or website thrive.

Tweet Regularly

You should have someone in charge of your Twitter account that is ready and able to make regular updates. These days, your followers follow hundreds of other people at once, and your presence is often lost in the sea of other tweets being made every second. Only if you’re able to regularly update your Twitter account will it have any chance of being noticed, so don’t start a Twitter marketing campaign unless you plan to commit to it.

Be Interesting

Don’t even bother with a Twitter account if the best you can do is describe your lunch or the magazine on your latest flight. “I am tired” is not an exciting tweet by anyone’s standard, and if your presence is too boring you’ll either lose your followers or develop a negative image for your brand. You want to be interesting, so people associate your account with excitement.

Promote Your Twitter Presence

You can’t do any Twitter marketing without followers For some reason, many people join Twitter and expect the followers to come rolling in. But there are thousands of businesses already on Twitter and millions of people that use it regularly, and no one is going to follow you simply because you are (or think you are) an interesting business. You have to go one step further and market your Twitter account – on your website, your blog, your other social media accounts and more.

Have Special Offers/Inside Info

Depending on your style of business, you should consider having special offers exclusive to your Twitter followers or inside information that isn’t available elsewhere. This will give people a reason to follow you, hoping to find out more about what you have to say or offer. Special offers can also be a great way to create a buzz about your business.

Listen and Respond

Finally, you’re going to have people communicating with you on your Twitter account – the best way to make sure you develop a positive image is by tweeting back to them, and engaging in conversations. This creates loyalty with potential customers and shows that your Twitter account isn’t just for marketing.

Running a Successful Twitter Marketing Campaign

Succeeding with Twitter isn’t as easy as people claim it is. Thousands of companies launch new Twitter campaigns every day and they crash and burn. If you really want to have a successful Twitter account, you need to make sure you follow the above tips and run your Twitter the right way.

Twitter Marketing: An Hour a Day

Twitter Marketing - An Hour a Day

 Posted on : March 8, 2012


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