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If you’re like me and you buy solo ads a lot then you will no doubt appreciate these little known conversion boosting tips.

buy solo adsA few years ago, when I would buy solo ads, the cost was based on the number of subscribers on the list and the responsiveness of the list. I used to be able to buy solo ads sent to 30,000 for $20 or less. I sometimes got 1000 clicks or more and over 200 opt ins.

These days things are much different. Solo ads are now sold by the click instead which means we pay a lot more. As a result, we need to do whatever we can to get the most out of our solo ad dollars.

I’ve learned a few tricks from email marketing and list building experts like Jimmy Kim and Matt Bacak and I’m going to share some of them with you today. I have used these conversion boosting tricks myself for a while now and I can testify that they do work wonders.

Buy Small But Buy More

When you buy solo ads, look to see what the smallest package is that the seller offers. If the solo ad seller offers a small number of clicks, like 50 or 100, you should buy those small quantities whenever you can. Solo ad sellers tend to over-deliver by a certain percentage. If you get anything over 200 clicks you will probably get 5-10% over-delivery on your clicks. But when you order 50 or 100 clicks, sellers figure you are testing them out and they want to impress you as much as possible so you come back to them. It’s not uncommon for some sellers to over-deliver by 20-30% or even more on these smaller click packages.

If you really want more clicks then simply order from more sellers. Instead of buying one 500 click solo ad, and getting maybe 50 extra clicks, you can buy 100 clicks from 5 different sellers and get 100 to 150 extra clicks. More clicks means more opt ins which means your conversions go up. When you’re paying upwards of 50 cents per click you get a lot more bang for your buck this way, too.

Don’t Use The Same Source Too Soon

Never buy solo ads from the same seller without waiting at least 30 days. There are plenty of good solo ad sellers out there and after a while you will build your own favorites list.

Most solo ad sellers really hammer their list. That means people tend to become less responsive or they unsubscribe. The sellers know that though and they are constantly working to build their list every day so they can replace the unsubscribes and still grow their list. If you go back to the same seller too soon then you risk having your solo ad hit someone who may have seen it the last time or they just aren’t that responsive anymore. By waiting a while you give the seller enough time to refresh their list. There will be new people who are much hotter and more excited.

conversion boostingCater To The Mobile Users

A significant portion of the people reading your solo ad will be doing so from a mobile device. For some lists it can be close to half of their subscribers. That’s your traffic that you are paying for.

The default font for most editors is 10 or 11 points. That may look just fine to you on your monitor but everything is much smaller on a mobile device. Have you ever tried to read an email on your cell phone when the font is so small you find yourself squinting and straining and still can’t read it very well? The last thing you want is for someone interested enough in your subject line that they open the email and end up closing it out because they can’t read it.

I always select Arial as my font and increase the font size to 14 points. It’s not so big that it turns people off and it’s a far cry better for mobile users. If you buy solo ads from a seller who uses an order form or some way that you can’t get it to them in the correct font and font size that you want, then use the Notes or Comments box or email the seller separately and tell them you want the font to be 14 points. You can even tell them why. Because it’s easier for mobile users to read your email.

Give The Reader An Early Call To Action

This one is from Matt Bacak and it’s the biggest conversion boosting change I have made with all my solo ads since I learned about it. I have noticed a considerable difference in the quality of my opt ins because of this one addition to my solo ad copy.

As I mentioned before, solo ad sellers charge by the click now. The best lists will cost you 70 cents per click or more. Whether you buy 100 clicks or 1000 clicks, you want to make sure those are going to be the best quality clicks possible. You want to make those sellers work for their money.

Add a Call To Action right above your link in your ad copy. One that tells the reader exactly what’s expected of them if they click on that link. Something like, “Click the link below and opt in to get all the details.” Yes, you’re actually going to tell them they will have to opt in to your list if they click on that link. What this does is kind of pre-qualify the clicks for you. Tire kickers are much less likely to click on the link if they don’t plan on opting in. The seller still has to deliver X number of unique clicks for you. Whatever you paid for. This might mean they have to send your solo ad to another couple hundred people on their list in order to make sure you get what you paid for.

This one little addition to your solo ads acts as a screening filter for you. Only people truly interested will click on your link and more of your clicks will turn into opt ins. This can bump your opt in conversions up 10% or more. Not to mention the responsiveness of your subscribers will be much better. I never buy solo ads without including an opt in CTA anymore.

Place Your Link Wisely

When you buy solo ads it’s not the same as when you send an email to your list. Those people aren’t on your list yet. When emailing your list you’ve probably been taught to include your link 2 or 3 times and the first one should be at the top of your ad copy. That makes sense for your existing subscribers because you want them to take action.

With solo ads it’s different. You don’t want a knee-jerk reaction. If someone opens your email and sees a link right there at the top, they tend to click on the link immediately and figure they will get all the information they need on the web page that comes up. But that counts as a unique click and the reader never read your email. You need to make every click count since you’re paying for each and every click you get. Your goal of course is to get them to opt in and the best way to do that is to make them read your email before they see a link.

I always put my link no less than 3/4 into the ad copy. Sometimes right at the very end, above my signature. If I put 2 links in my ad copy I put the first one a little more than half way in and the second one near the bottom.

The next time you are ready to buy solo ads be sure to implement all 5 of these powerful tips and you should see a noticeable boost in your conversion rates.

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 Posted on : December 5, 2015


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