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MLSPMyLeadSystemPRO exploded into the marketplace in September 2008, and it immediately took the industry by storm attracting some of the world’s greatest internet marketing minds and network marketers alike.

MLSP was cultivated by Norbert Orlewicz, Brian Fanale, and Todd Schlomer, all of whom have had phenomenal success in the internet marketing and network marketing world. While at the top of their games and achieving results most entrepreneurs could only dream of, these 3 put their personal agendas aside and realized that their dream was much bigger than realizing personal success. Collectively they came together as one to form MLSP, and to take a stand for every entrepreneur who is tired of losing money and not getting results.

The goal was to build a gateway so that any serious entrepreneur could break through their own barriers and come into the realization of unlimited income potential leveraging their proven attraction marketing principles that have been kept from the masses for years. And it’s working. Over the last 20 months alone MLSP members have generated 850,000 leads and we’ve
paid back over $1.8 million dollars in affiliate commissions to our members.

When you enter the world of MLSP, YOU will learn how to grow into the leader you need to become in order to build an empire, you become the hunted instead of the hunter, and you build those ever-critical relationship with your prospects from day one. You will learn and immediately implement the exact same marketing approach as all the 7-figure earners who have come before you. Every single problem faced by entrepreneurs just like you has been solved with MyLeadSystemPRO.


Benefits of MyLeadSystemPRO include:

>> Websites that brand you.
>> Professionally written autoresponders that make you money.
>> State-of-the-art tracking, split-testing & customization options.
>> Over 100+ hrs of recorded video & audio training by 7-figure earners
>> Over 500+ hrs of recorded video & audio training by 6-figure earners
>> Step-by-step video tutorials that take you by the hand.
>> Live weekly webinars covering all the skill-sets you must develop.
>> Complete training center.
>> Daily inspirational wake-up calls.
>> Leadership levels & reward programs.
>> MLSP Live Events.
>> 24×7 worldwide live chat room support.
>> 1-on-1 support, email support & phone support.
>> A community of dedicated, ambitious marketers to connect, network & partner with.

A Personal Note:

MLSP is the one thing I will never, ever cancel. That’s because it has helped me learn so much about online marketing and generating my own leads. Every week they do a training webinar and every one that I have attended has taught me how to get another 5-25 leads a day and that builds my primary business even faster.

Even if my primary business changes, everything I get out of MLSP still applies. Not to mention the fact that MLSP becomes a secondary income source.



MLSPIf you are a serious entrepreneur, MLSP will become the turning point in your financial salvation. This will be your launch platform to the ranks of the ultra successful.

If the first thought in your mind is, this is just another monthly membership that I can’t afford, then I’m sorry but you aren’t getting it at all. MLSP is a tool. It’s an education. If you use the system it won’t take long before it is more than paying for
itself. But you need to use the system.

You can join MLSP with a 14 day Trial membership and get full access to everything. Use that 14 days wisely.

You can learn enough in the first couple of days to start generating 25 leads a day and that will get you sales.



Clay Montgomery is a veteran Internet Marketer, a Master List Builder, and a sought after Home Business Success Coach who has helped thousands of individuals achieve financial success in the affiliate marketing and network marketing arena. Google

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